There are only few things that I can say I truly feel strongly about. Two of those things would be dope music, and falling in love. Trying to explain how those things coincide would be a seemingly impossible task so I will not waste my time or limited breath packed underneath this paper bag. The easiest way to explain the phenomenon that is love within the music is by describing Yukibeb. Listening to her mix is, hands down, one of the most refreshing things I have been offered through a sound cloud account. Fusing so many different areas of music between artist and periods of time not only shows just how cultured she is, but a genuine appreciation for an art on a very large scale. You can only imagine how excited I was to interview the lovely Tokyo native. And yes people, we are going on a date since you must know. She’s down with cheese fries. 

Professor Lunchbag: Let’s start off by hearing about where you’re from? How much travelling have you had a chance to do?


Yukibeb: I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Lately I haven’t been doing much traveling but as a kid I visited countries around Asia, Europe and went to Hawaii & L.A. every summer. I’d like to do more!


PL: How long have you been involved with the music? What does it take to make a dope ass mix?


YU: I’ve always been involved with music– I remember listening to Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child on my CD player when I was a little girl. In high school I really got into old school hip-hop– late 80’s, early 90’s. I like to relax, close my eyes and just vibe. I try to express myself through the music.


PL: Way across seas your soundcloud has managed to raise the attention of rocbottom. What countries have you received feedback from? Is it always an exciting experience?


YU: Yes definitely! The Internet is amazing—it gives us an opportunity to connect and interact with people you’ve never imagined. I’ve received feedback from people in Europe to Australia and Canada. I’m just happy to know that there are people out there who enjoy listening to my mixes.


PL: What inspired you to mix up some of your favorite tracks? What artist would you say that you use most often in the mixes you put together?


YU: I feel very inspired to make a mix when I hear a new beat that I love instantly within the first three seconds. I like to blend a lot of Freddie Joachim, Ta-Ku, Mecca:83, Evil Needle, Esbe, Bugseed, Elaquent, Häzel, Vanilla… but really, everything and anything that sounds good to my ears.


PL: Who is your favorite DJ? What was it like the first time you heard them?


YU: Some memorable shows I went to are TOKiMONSTA, DJ KRUSH, Flying Lotus, Onra and the Cosmopolyphonic events. When I heard them, I just knew that they’re doing music sincerely, for the love. Feeling their energy and passion for music has really affected me to become who I am today. They’ve helped me realize my love for music.


PL: What do your friends think when they listen to your music?


YU: They love it. My friends have similar taste in music so they’re very supportive of what I do. I like to share new beats and artists that I discover. Playing music in any atmosphere certainly enhances social activity. It connects us together on another level.


PL: In order from last to first, what are the top 25 most played tracks in your iTunes?



1. Cella Dwellas – Perfect Match

2. Dolphin Boy – Shake it Loose

3. Kev Brown – Hennessey (part 1)

4. Jeru The Damaja – 99.9%

5. Bugseed – Drops

6. Ta-Ku – Buttermilk

7. The Notorious B.I.G – Me & My Bitch

8. Elaquent – Northern Lights

9.  DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World

10. Raekwon – Heaven & Hell Ft. Ghostface Killa

11. Prefuse 73 – Love You Bring

12. Slum Village – Players

13. Onra – Send Me Your Love

14. Illa J – All Good

15. Souls Of Mischief – 93 Till Infinity

16. Cunninnlinguists – The Park (Fresh Air) Ft. Chizuko Yoshihiro

17. Nujabes – Shino’s Theme

18. Comon – I Used To Love H.E.R.

19. Flying Lotus – Massage Situation

20. Slum Village – Look Of Love [Remix]

21. Cru – Just Another Case Ft. Slick Rick

22. TOKiMONSTA – Darkest (Dim)

23. Telepopmusik – Breathe

24. A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way

25. DJ KRUSH – Sign


PL:  Any last words for us at rocbottom? 


YU: Thank you for supporting me–  

I got you if you ever come to Tokyo


love x

 Don’t front like that top 25 didn’t give you a Jiffy. For more dopeness from Yukibeb I definitely recommend checking out her and you can also see what’s she’s saying on For now my stay in Japan is over………..or is it? Who knows people. I could be in a city far away from you. So until next time, you stay classy. – Prof. Lunchbag


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